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My wife Judy and I have been together since High School and have one daughter. Family is very important to me. I will represent everyone equally and with respect.



 I am a Conservative, Christian Republican who grew up in this district, Currituck County.  I am a Business owner, Volunteer Fire Fighter, Southern Baptist, Rotary Member and serving in my second term as County Commissioner serving as Vice-Chair. My Father is full blooded Chippewa Indian and grew up on the tribal reservation.  My mother is also Chippewa and is retired from the NC schools system.  My wife Judy and I have been together since High School and have one daughter.  We have two grandchildren.  I am proud of my Indian heritage and our district. 

 I entered the Navy out of high school at the age of 17 and served under President Ronald Reagan.  I attended community college in this district and worked with two global companies, Honeywell and Johnson Controls before starting my own heating and Air Conditioning business. 


I entered this campaign to provide the citizens with a resume of a hard working American who will stand up for all equally.  Strong honest values who has proven ability to get things done.  I will never back down to special interest groups.  I work for the citizens who elected me.

I have proven experience with representing small business in Washington and meeting with representatives to discuss topics that small businesses needed to survive and be competitive.

As a business owner, I understand how customers should be treated which is no different on how and elected official should treat their constituents, With Respect, Listen, Follow up and Do what you say. Own up to mistakes. This is how I will treat you as your representative in Congress.

I do and will support our President. The borders need protecting and we must do what is needed to insure this. I WILL NOT continue to support tax dollars going to pay for illegal immigrants health care and social security benefits. We must stop this and take care of our own 1st.

I support and will work towards a balanced budget. I am beginning to believe it must be rocket science since a lot of our elected officials in Washington can't seem to get this done. I will work towards reduce spending and to be a good steward of your tax dollars. Cut out the pork and wasteful spending! Stop sending wasteful money over seas.


Pro Life

I support Pro Life.
I will never support the taking of an innocent life.


Strong and effective Military

Military is an important part of our freedom.  While in the military serving under President Ronald Reagan, I learned the importance of a strong, effective and respectful military.  
I will continue to support funding for our military.


Support of 2nd Amendment

I fully support our 2nd Amendment and our Constitution.  I am the owner of a carry/conceal permit and I do enjoy hunting.  I will not tolerate disrespect towards our flag and what it stands for.  My Father-in-law was in WWII and stormed the beaches of Normandy to protect our freedom.  Our Constitution was written for a purpose and
I will stand up for both.

The Economy and job growth are an important concern throughout our country and district.  I have family members in the agriculture industry and many friends in the fishing industry both of which are very important to our region.  I will continue federal support for these as well as work towards bringing new business into our district.  

I recently made a trip to the White House on an invitation from President Trump to have the Presidential Staff provide an update to local elected officials.  This is the 1st time a President has invited local elected officials to the White House I and applaud him for this.  He believes that the locally elected officials are more current with the needs surrounding their district.  I believe in this philosophy as well and will continue this practice.

The White House staff briefed us on the economy and how jobs are starting to increase throughout the The United States.  This is great news, however, they also stated there is a shortage of a trained work force to meet this demand in the skilled trades throughout the country.   I have been discussing this for years and to hear it from the President was encouraging.  The staff informed us that the President has committed federal dollars to the states to put towards CTE (Career Technical Education) and work towards getting the country's work force educated to meet the upcoming demands that will be needed. I will  continue to support this effort.



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